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Moving to a new site

15 Nov 2012
Posted by Clare

Heyyyy! So i've been busy all day today setting up the new site. :) I've decided to move because there're too many files here for me to start over without feeling like i'm going to implode. The forums will still be at the same location, but we're up and moving to a new URL! CLICK HERE

I'm in the process of remaking all of the 208 decks that we have right now and to make this a lot faster, I need people to collect images of the decks that are currently up based on the images i've currently got on the decks. I can't simply reuse the images on the .psd files of the old cards because the new template is substantially larger so the images are too small. This means i have to hunt for images all over again!! NOOOOOOOO.

This is where you'd come in. I basically need people to save the 15 images for each deck into separate folders and zip them along to me so deck remaking will go a lot faster. I tend to make decks at super speed, it's the image hunting that slows me down.

I know it sounds a little boring, but i'll be rewarding anyone who helps heftily! You guys will get 2 random cards and 1 card from each deck you help me with! Imagine if you help me with 20 decks, you'd get 60 cards! Not bad eh? You'll also be paid in galleons. For every 5 decks you help me with,
you'll get 1 galleon!

You're free to hunt for images anywhere you please, but do try to match the images currently on the decks. They don't have to be 100% the same, but the flow of the decks should still make sense. I usually use home of the nutty to source for caps, they have HQ screenshots of every movie there.

Interested? Comment on the update on the new site or send me an email at ^^ Thanks in advance my loves. I really am excited to get things back running. To all who have no time to help, thanks anyway, and hang tight because it won't be long when i'm this motivated.

I'll post another update there for game makers soon as well! (Choices is a massive TCG so rebuilding it is going to take time - but it'll be worth the wait, i promise!)

This will be the last update here, so please check there from now on for any new happenings!

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